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mostly extinct is not extinct enough.

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Birthdate:Jan 1
alexander "alec" lightwood
{ shadowhunter }
"Mostly extinct is NOT EXTINCT ENOUGH."

fandom highdormstownoocalec

Name: Alexander "Alec" Gideon Lightwood
Fandom:The Mortal Instruments
PB: Nicholas Hoult
Basic Info:here

Age: 18
Birthday: October 26
Year: Alumnnus (Class of 2014)
Email: curiosityorarrogance at gmail dot com
Big Sibling:Mercy Thompson
Little Siblings:Kate Bishop, Mira

AU Kids:Rainey Lightwood | Cassandra Lightwood

Big Brother Instinct | The Archer | Demon Slayer | No Sense of Humor | Literal-Minded
Sibling Yin-Yang | Interspecies Romance | Sensitive Guy | Does Not Understand Sarcasm

Isabelle Lightwood | Natalie V. Adams | Sparkle | Raven Darkholme | Kate Bishop | Clint Barton

Spring 2014

Living Arrangements
Room 401 with Victor Mancha

The Occult | Tuesday | Paige Mahoney
Armed and Dangerous | Tuesday | James Bond

Freedom Arms | Friday

Fall 2013

Living Arrangements
401 with Victor Mancha

Art of War | Wednesday | Ghanima Atreides
Cultural Exploration | Friday | Clint Barton

Freedom Arms | Friday

Summer II 2013

Living Arrangements
401 with Victor Mancha

Realistic Etiquette | Thursday | Josh Lyman
Conflict Management For Dummies | Thursday | Oz
Monsters and Humans | Friday | Count Dracula

Freedom Arms | Friday

Summer I 2013

Living Arrangements
401 with Victor Mancha
Can't Sleep Clowns Will Eat Me with Peter Wiggin, Toby Logan and Surreal SaDiablo

How To Be One With Your City (TA) | Wednesday | The Spirit
Hunting 101 | Wednesday | Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester
Archery 101 | Friday | Clint Barton

Freedom Arms | Friday

Spring 2013

Living Arrangements
401 with Victor Mancha
''The Siren'' Suite 5 with Natalie V. Adams
Dungeon Crawl Camp 3

Supernatural Studies | Wednesday | Jack Priest
Friendship 101 | Wednesday | Pinkie Pie and Derek Hale
Sex Ed | Friday | Steve Rogers and Thor Odinson

Wellspring Arms and Meditation | Friday
Student Council | Friday

Fall 2012

Living Arrangements
401 with Victor Mancha

Ethics | Tuesday | Anakin Skywalker
Combat | Tuesday | Jaina Solo
Drama | Thursday | Thor Odinson

Student Council | Friday

Summer II 2012

Living Arrangements
401 with Victor Mancha

Seven Deadly Sins | Tuesday | Callie Maggotbone
Kicking Ass, Teamwork Style | Wednesday | Kennedy
Practical Squiring | Thursday | Jaime Lannister

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